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Efficiency of Refrigerator -

The term efficiency is a very simple word. Its meaning is how much output you are getting by spending how much input. Simply, it is determined by the ratio of useful output to total input. In general, Efficiency is a measurable term. Now the efficiency of refrigerator is very much clear, meaning how much cooling it is giving by spending input (In commercial terms you may say it, energy unit).

Refrigerators are one of amongst the foremost used appliance within the home. The energy efficiency of a refrigerator is the most key factor when we talk about the fridge. More the energy star rating of a refrigerator, the more energy-efficient it is.

With our refrigerator maintenance tips, we’ll let you know the way to keep the refrigerator efficient.


pl unplug the refrigerator from the power supply before you do any maintenance or cleaning.


1. Keep Refrigerator away from warmth sources

Avoid placing your fridge next to the warmth sources.  This space isn’t liked due to extra heat presence there. Put it away from warmth sources and direct sun.

Woman opening refrigerator

2. Refrigerator Cleaning

Clean your fridge correctly and cleanly once every 3-4 months. Take away the food from the refrigerator. This might permit you to wash all the inside cracks and corners. Take away all refrigerator drawers/shelves and soak in hot water mixed with dish soap. Utilize a mixture of detergent and water to wash the inside.    

Refrigerator is well managed

See how cleaned and well managed it is

3. Right Leveling of Fridge

Do the right leveling of your fridge, the majority of the refrigerators have their flexible feet. If it is not so then the door could not close properly till you closed it and it’ll exude a cool atmosphere. 

4. Don't open the fridge too wide and frequently

Don’t open the fridge too wide and frequently. When you open the door, you must well decide what you want to take out. You have to know whenever you open the door once up to 30% of the chilled air dissipates and influence the efficiency of a fridge. 
Door of Refrigerator open too wide

5. Clean the Condenser Coils

To minimize energy use and reduce utility expenses, the Condenser coils must be cleaned at least twice per year. A few of the models have these coils at the bottom of the device and some models have them behind.

Condenser coils are accountable for removing heat from refrigerators and freezers. It’s projected that filthy evaporator and condenser coils may increase the energy use (Electricity bill) of your air conditioning system by over 30%

6. Defrosting

Defrosting of Refrigerator
One ought to keep eyes on frequently defrosting. Based on your fridge, it might require. This improves the cooling efficiency of the refrigerator. Ice build-up within the refrigerator leads to a bad temperature efficacy, leads to a bad temperature in the freezer. Most refrigerators have an automatic defrost feature, but if this is absent then do defrost manually.

7. keep Space at the back of the refrigerator

7. Place the back of your refrigerator at least two inches from the wall to allow heat to move away from the condenser coils. Trapped heat will cause your fridge to run more frequently.

8. Door Seal

8. Kindly ensure the door seal of the refrigerator has to be appropriate intact each time. A loose seal allows cool air to seep out, wasting energy and causing your fridge to work harder than it needs to. First, ensure that the seals are free from food residue. Clean them about two times a year, with a toothbrush and a solution of water and baking soda.

By following these simple actions to increase the efficiency of the fridge, you may lessen the energy bill, make sure you look for a bit of cash on your electrical bill each month. If it’s time to retire your old model, be sure to look for the best refrigerator.